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Digital Renderings  


We work hard to create designs that translate into jaw dropping set ups. We deliver on what we promise! Check out some of our favorite designs and see the final results for yourself. If you would like one of your own, select your designs or request a custom one so you can see what your dream event could look like. TBE Designs provide 90% accuracy, so what you see is what you get. Note that all designs found on this site are property of Tiffany Burke Events.

Lets Start Designing toDay!

Select pre-made TBE Designs with TBE Inventory and get your quote.

Cost: $0.00

Select Max: 10 Designs

Room Design 1.png

Visualize your event by requesting your own customize TBE Design with TBE Inventory and get your quote.

Cost: $250.00 not including Tax.

Includes Max: 15 Designs

Entrance 1.png

Want to add an additional design? Request for one customized design.

Cost: $15.00 each, not including Tax.

Includes: 1 Design


Live Mock UP

See your Guest Table design come to life. This includes 2 centerpiece viewings.

Cost: $150.00 not including Tax.

Please note that all Tiffany Burke Event Designs (digital renderings) are copyright and are to not be replicated/printed/copied/sent to other vendors.


The client/potential client understands that anything sent via email or phone/text that has Tiffany Burke Event (TBE) contract, and any TBE digital renderings, quotes, promotional marketing material, or TBE ideas/creations shall not be copied or sent to another vendor, third party, business, or clients personal use in any way, shape, matter, or form. Everything sent to the client is property of TBE. If any of TBE team members or owner finds that this has been breached, then TBE has the right to file a lawsuit against the client/potential client and or third party discovered using TBE material(s) as copyright infringement.

Handle all of TBE property properly and respectfully.

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