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  • Do you work week day events?
    No, I only book weekend events. However, some exceptions may be made for a Friday event depending on availibility.
  • Do I get a quote right away?
    We usually provide a quote within a week after our consultation call or in-person meeting with you. We will provide a final quote to you that reflects the travel cost to your event location along with the state tax. On the quote you will be provided a 1-4 payment option plan, and note that in order to book and reserve your event date with us, we require a 25% non refundable retainer fee along with a contract signing.
  • Do you provide discounts?
    Yes! Returning clients and clients booked during Bridal shows recieve a discount.
  • Do you set up personal items (e.g. party favors, memory table displays, champagne flutes, etc.)?"
    Yes. If you book a either a planning or a decor service, personal items can be integrated in. However, items must be provided days prior to the scheduled event. However if you require additional set up of DYI decor/rental items, then it will require an additional set up fee.
  • Do you have or provide an inventory price list or breakdown sheet?
    I do not provide an inventory price list or breakdown sheet in order to keep our prices competitive. I do however provide a detailed list of the decor/rental items you will be receiving and the quantity amount.
  • Do we get to keep the arrangements you make?
    Clients only get to keep personalized arrangements such as: bouquets, corsages, boutonnieries and flower crowns. Any arrangements rented to client, the client does not get to keep.
  • Do you work with real flowers?
    Yes and No. I can make small minimalist fresh floral arrangements, however will charge the whole sellers price and you get to keep the fresh floral after the event, but not our vases that is rented to you. If you would like more information on this, please note that in our question box when you submit your "Booking Package Data Sheet".
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