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Meet Blank!

Education Title: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Specializes in: Lead Consultant + Wedding Planner

Favorite Hobbies: Reading books and hiking

Xxxxx is the senor and top lead consultant and wedding planner at Tiffany Burke Events. Her logistical and communicative skills, and expertise make her an extraordinary member of our team.She loves planning and organizing events and networking at bridal shows. She enjoys formulating wedding design plans to showcase innovative and fresh ideas. Her drive is ensuring the bridal couple gets everything that they dream and ask for.

Meet Blank2!

Education Title: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Business

Specializes in: Lead Event Planner + Designer

Favorite Hobbies: Baking and photography

Xxxxxx has a deep passion for design and loves to collaborate with others. With her fun personality and hard work ethic, she has been such a great addition to our team! Her inspiration and role models are Karen Tran and Preston Bailey. Her love of flowers and playing with colors encourages her to come up with new ideas and designs for daring bridal couples. This makes her our top designer in our company.

Meet Blank3!

Education Title: Bachelor of Arts in Event Management

Specializes in: Coordinator + Event Production

Favorite Hobbies: Sculpting and beading

Xxxxxx has extensive experience with events of all sizes. She is one of our top coordinators and production manager due to the fact that she has completed every event assigned to her with two hours to spare, making her the employee of the year 2016. She loves working in a team and loves to treat her colleagues to her baked goods at the end of each week.

Meet Blank4!

Education Title: Master of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Marketing

Specializes in: Marketing Coordinator + Warehouse + Production Manager

Favorite Hobbies: Creating video game story lines and programming

Xxxxxx joined Tiffany Burke Events in 2014. He is the master mind behind all the marketing and social media of the company. With his creativity in branding the business, he makes himself a very big asset to our company. He has a wonderful, fun personality and always enters a project with excitement and a good sense of humor.